DiVerSe's VST Pack:

My band's website is online!  You're all invited to visit and take a listen to our music.


Hey people,

vocSteady is here!  Don't you just hate automating the vocals track over and over until all the lyrics are clear?  Well this is a simple and clever plugin that takes care of all that for you. 

vocSteady will "ride" the vocalist for you, adjusting threshold and ratio on the fly, to make a steady and professional vocal track out of the most dynamic singers.  It's also very good for live broadcast situations, when unpredictable level-changes are most common.

Try the full-featured, 30 days trial version, HERE.

These plugins were built using SynthEdit and are still in development stages. (most of them don't have skins yet - so any skin designer out there who'd like to help is welcomed!)
They're all working fine and I find them quite useful  so you're invited to try them out... 

For plugs that do have skins - click on the thumbnail for a closer look.

Please Note: These plugins will only work on a Windows system - So for all you mac users out there - you may have the coolest OS on earth, but NO DIVERSE PLUGS FOR YOU!

I don't ask for money for these plugins so if you use them or like them (or have any comments at all) please tell me about it - that's my only reward for this thing (-;

...hmm on the other hand, you can always


Audio Manipulators:



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once engaged, SLoWer will start bending the pitch of the audio, down or up, according to the curve you graphically design.  This one is great for "electricity shutdown" effect, slowing tapes, vinyl scratches and more.  Warning: may become addictive! 
Includes 16 presets to get you started.

SLowEr was "Freeware of the week" at fr.audiofanzine.com - a great honor   (-:   MERCI, you guys!


FreeZZZZZer 2

Cuebase VSTe Version


a major upgrade to the popular FreeZZZZZer.  This version lets you modify freeze time with your keyboard's pitch-bender or automatically - in an envelope style.  Also, different freeze times can be used by playing different notes on your keyboard - anything from a whole bar to 1/128 of a note, triplets and dotted notes are available too.
This plugin lets you granulate loops, vocals and instruments in no time, to create crazy time stretches and ultra-short loops.







Another way of ruining your audio: chop it up and slice it to pieces.  A kind of a super-tremolo effect - but try it on drum lops if you wanna get experiMental
Includes seven presets to get you started.



  a cool tremolo / volume manipulation / audio chopper tool.  except for crazy tremolo styles, you can use any MIDI information to control the volume of your audio (for example to fine-ride vocal tracks).   Audio-chopper, sneaking tremolo, two-speed tremolo and a unique tremolo deform control to tailor-shape your effect.  Use MIDI messages to vari-speed your tremolo and more stuff.

16 presets will help you understand the full potential of this seemingly "normal" plugin.




Compressor/saturator.  Very easy to use - actually one-slider operation.  Pushes audio from minor saturation to Xtreme distortion without clipping - good for "warming up" drums, vocals and everything else actually (-;  This one is my own favorite plugin.





extreme-width panorama, random auto-pan and more pan stuff





frrrrreze audio on the ffffffffly





brutally distort audio - in a good way.  A sampling-rate reducer with LFO and Peak-follower





dissolve between two audio signals. This is a stereo-to-mono plugin...





stretch mono signals into stereo, according to the signal level and wave shape






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based on the  long forgotten Rotor Synthesis: Uses a rotor module to combine four basic waveforms into complex new waveforms.  Instead of mixing the signals, the rotor switches among them.
CombiNatOr has 10 presets to get you started.  Big ThanX go to  Ian Webster for skin design.


Bella    UPODATE!


  a simple additive synth that's optimized for realistic bell sounds and for fender Rhodes-type instruments.  Bella comes with 16 presets, but it's very easy to program and create your own unique soundz. 



duo-am synth


a bizarre synth architecture, good for naughty lead lines   Duo-am comes complete with 16 preset sounds, but it's a slider-movement to change the presets into something new.
Watch for the DUO-2 - coming soon with a modulation matrix and stereo-spread!





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SE's  scope meter - for seeing how it sounds



SynthEdit users - check out DiVerSe's SE pre-fabs page